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Research Talks


October 25, 2022. UCLA, Black Feminist Health Science Studies book panel on Weighing the Future, hybrid event

October 29, 2022 UC-Berkeley Center for Social Medicine, Book Talk


Book Salon at the Five College Women’s Research Center Monday, January 31, 2022 at 12-1pm (Zoom). Register Here
Columbia University’s Precision Medicine: Ethics, Politics, and Culture Program Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 5:30 pm (Zoom)
Book Talk, Weighing the Future at Critical Health Humanities, Harvard University. January 19, 2022.

Discussion of Weighing the Future. January 13, 2022.

Co-opting AI: Reproduction at the NYU Institute for Public Knowledge

This event explored how AI technologies have changed the narratives and rationalities that underpin assisted reproduction, from early feminist initiatives to the commercialization of pregnancy, as well as the tactics used in scientific research on human reproduction. It considers how these dynamics map onto racial disparities and wider inequalities in public health and beyond. November 11, 2021; Watch here.

Remodelling the Human: Reproductive Models and Feminist Technoscience at Science and Society Network, Deakin University (Discussant to Keynote Speaker, Prof. Celia Roberts)

This symposium brought together feminist scholars interested in technoscientific practices of modelling human reproduction. Interdisciplinary in scope and diverse in research focus, we aim to explore the vital role of models in reshaping reproduction. In attending to the material practices, situated contexts, and gendered imaginaries through which they emerge, participants will investigate what current and emerging reproductive models might reflect, reinforce, and contest about reproductive discourses.

Food Matters and Materialities: Critical Understandings of Food Cultures at Carleton University (Discussant to Keynote Speaker, Prof. Emily Yates-Doerr)

This conference featured perspectives from activists and practitioners who are grappling with and proposing means of resistance to entrenched social inequities as they take form through food in communities where they live and/or work. Professor Valdez acts as discussant to Professor Emily Yates-Doerr during her keynote address, “Structures & Specificities: Nourishing Acts in Violent Times.” September 22 – 25, 2021; Watch here.

BIPOC Women in Clinical Studies: A Feminist Perspective – Delta Research & Educational Foundation, Research Matters for All of Us

Discussion, April 12, 2021.

Weighing the Future: Epigenetics, Pregnancy Trials, and RaceBook Talk at the Newhouse Center for the Humanities, Wellesley College

A discussion of Weighing the Future at Wellesley College’s Newhouse Center for the Humanities. March 9, 2021. Watch here.